Our vision

At Lagvani Wines we have one main goal: being very passionate about Georgian wine and It uniqness, we want to share it with our customers and bring you the best and rarest wines from all parts of Georgia with focus on concept of natural and low-intervention winemaking. After a few years of dreaming, planning, researching and tasting, we decided to make our vision a reality and have been working hard over the past year to create a gathering place where people can experienced all possibly variety of Georgian wine without leaving Tbilisi. We have fantastic community of winemakers and their support and now we want you to join us in this big adventure of our life.

What is low-intervention for Georgia?

We are firmly convinced that wine is a living thing, mostly It’s not about human achievements or work in cellar, It can’t be «right», sometimes the best thing we can do is stand aside and let wine «happen». Low intervention winemaking exclude using chemical additions and mechanical intervention and it can be described like «hands off» from grape and vineries. This way of agriculture is not a new for georgian people, this is how they have made wine for 8000 years. Even today local winemakers prefer to leave grape on skin so that best qualities of the fruit can come through. Likewise, fermentation and ageing in Qvevri it’s a kind of mystery between grape and vessel.

Why us?

Being a new on wine buissness, we have already decided with our priorities and found different partners who share our vision. We work with those winemakers we know personally and trust their products, because we respect our customers and their choice. So that way we can create the leading wine shop and better place for like-minded people.