In and out: surroundings of Tbilisi

50$ per person

If you have short-term trip to Georgia and want to discover the cradle of winemaking for yourself, we can offer you one day in Kiketi village, which is 30 minutes to Tbilisi. Beautiful landscapes of wild nature, quite place, wonderful people and Georgian natural wine.
  • Two wineries (Gotsa and Tanini)
  • Includes wine tasting and dinner.

Between East and West: terroir of Kartli

starts from 70$ per person

Being on border between two main Georgian wine regions, Kartli has one of the most perpective terroir today. Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon on Georgian land, sparkling wine from endemic grapes and more

  • Two wineries (Tedzami Wines and Wine Artisans)
  • Includes wine tasting and dinner

Road to Kakheti: heavyweight championship

95$ per person

Full immersion to Kakhetian lifestyle: traditional, orange-amber, full-bodied Qvevri wines, fatty food, biodynamic viticulture. From Rkatsiteli to Khikhvi you will learn to identify all of them.

• Оne day
• 3 wineries (Lekso’s Marani, Marani Milorauli, Marani Ruispiri)
• Includes wine tasting and dinner.

Wild West: discovering new styles of wines from Imereti

starts from 100$ per person

Long road to the West through majestic mountain ranges and green hills is a truly unique experience.

Most of Imeretian wines are unknown and mysterious. We have a real Guru for you who knows everything about all rare endemic grape varieties and show you virgin places of region.

• One day or more
• 2 wineries (Gaioz Sopromadze wine cellar and Raman Nikoladze Marani) or more (depends on your preferences)
• Includes wine tasting and dinner